Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eeeeeek, I forgot to remember I had a life outside of work....

Alright so it has officially been 4 months since my last job got freaking hectic, I moved into a new place, and finally got my gaming PC back up and running so Windows Live games are finally back into my gaming options. I bought a ton of retro games and new stuff alike. Still tracking down Harvest Moon on SNES but hey, can't win them all.

Last time I posted I was sitting somewhere around 30 to 31k. A couple days ago I broke 40k and am busting it out and might actually reach 50k within the next month or so. It appears that I have finally fallen into a groove, which isn't really hard considering the amount of games that recently came out and the games that will be coming out within the next couple months. I have collector's editions of Arkham City and Forza 4 already put down but can't seem to get into some of the other big name releases as of yet. I know I will play them I just don't want to throw hundreds of dollars out there until I make my to be played list and my mop up list a little shorter. I have fallen into this habit of picking a game up for an hour or so popping about 60 to 200g worth of achievements on it and then shoving it in a dark corner to rot in my game library.

I have been going back and playing older war games mostly due to their cheapness and abundance. I mean come on, I can walk out of gamestop with 7 or 8 games for like 50 bucks and not feel horrible especially considering I can always return them....

All in all the past few months were a little bit of a grind but things seem to be smooth sailing as of now and I'm feeling alright. Bring it on quarter 4 I'm ready for all you have to throw at me.

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