Sunday, January 13, 2013

Borderlands 2, and the dlc gravytrain....

I recieved the Bordlerands 2 collector's edition game and guide for christmas. I never played the first borderlands and wasnt quite sure what to expect. I must say i am in love with this game. I even shelled out the 29.99 for the season pass on the dlc. The 2k super sale which is going on right now allowed me to pick up the mechromancer dlc for 50% off. At 400 msp it is a steal. I have yet to play co-op as my first attempt was ill fated and i recieved a disk unreadable error because someone was using Gaige. It booted me from my own game. The achievements are creative and aren't incredibly out there like some games. Some are story driven others are rare random monster spawn. It is a good mix. I'm really far behind on the curve as i haven't completed 1 playthrough or started the dlc(the next one drops on the 15th). The SHiFt system and extra golden keys is really awesome, even though i am just hoarding them for when i get to some of the higher levels and really need an equipment boost to propel myself forward through the storyline.

I find myself sitting down to play and getting up off the couch thinking it has only been 5 minutes, only to look at a clock and find that is has been closer to 5 or more hours. I love games like this, the ones that engross you so far in that you forget about anything else. I haven't had that feeling since i sank about 300 hours into Skyrim(and i am still nowhere near done). Overall this is my favorite game purchase in quite sometime. If you haven't yet pick it up even if you didnt play the first. It is a good mix of shooter and rpg that just leaves you wanting more and more.

Friday, June 8, 2012

70k and counting...

Tonight I finally managed to hit 70,000. I am starting to feel burnt out, not by gaming but by managing my collection of games(retro and current generation) as well as my comics and working a 40 hour week. I'm also looking at picking up a second job to pay down some bills faster and free up more money for my hobbies.

I'm excited by 70k, but I'm not ecstatic in all honesty I would have liked to already have hit 75k or even 100k but life has prevented that from happening as of late. My days off seem to be taken over by chores, bills or errands despite having every intention of not leaving the house or doing anything and actually just gaming.

I plan on setting aside more time to actually game and really make a dent in the deficit between me and 100k. I bought some new stuff and have been trying to go through backlog and at least get more achievements than I already had in the backlog games but I tend to bounce around and don't really find myself sitting through them for long periods of time.

In other news, I have finally joined Xbox America. I have been a lazy bum and pretty much effectively forgot the site existed and was finally reminded about it the other day and joined. I currently sit at 75th in Missouri and 4,757th in the nation according to the site. Maybe this will give me the inspiration I need to keep going and keep gaming. If nothing else I at least have an exciting 3rd and 4th quarter worth of game releases to look forward to this year.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game Completion List

Retail Completions:
Avatar: TLA: TBE
EA Sports Fight Night 3
Madden NFL 06
Night at the Museum 2
You Don't Know Jack
College Hoops 2K6

Arcade Completions:
Harm's Way
Pac-Man CE DX
The Walking Dead

WP7 Completions:
Beards & Beaks
Doodle God
Fruit Ninja
Project Sunburst

Games For Windows Live Completions:
Fallout 3

Kinect Fun Labs Completions:
Kinect Me

Total Completions: 22

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kinectimals and Doodle God for WP7...2 new completions

So lately I have mostly been mobile gaming on my breaks at work(that is when I actually get to take one). I have rediscovered quite a few games that were essentially rotting on my phone not being utilized at all. I started playing Fable: Coin Golf again and quite a few others.

I finally found time to finish up Kinectimals...which was mostly grinding. Grinding playing with a fluffy virtual pet and being at its mercy is less than amusing but only took me a couple of hours overall to finish it to the full 200/200.

I purchased Doodle God for .99 cents and finished it in less than 2 hours for the full 200/200. I won't lie I would love for a sequel to this game. Mixing elements and humans and all sorts of other stuff to make new stuff is hellishly fun and addicting. This is a must purchase as a time waster and of course easy gamerscore as well.

I will be back to normal posting within the week now that things have quieted down at work and that my 21st has past. I have a backlog that is burning to be finished and finish it I must!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monopoly Streets....A nice change of pace

I have been working extra long shifts and straight days in order to take a weekend off to enjoy my 21st birthday. Which has left me feeling burnt out and pretty much in a dismal mood. However, I actually found myself pretty excited when I opened the mailbox up and found my newest Gamefly rental sitting in a stack of junk-mail....

I have Black Ops sitting here still but the intel was pissing me off just because I happen to be an OCD crazy person so collecting it all has to happen on the 1st playthrough. I get all nutso when it comes to collectibles and often I find myself burnt out on a game fast, which happened here. I'm hoping a few days off will do it justice otherwise it is going back to Gamefly and will be re-rented another time.

But back to the point, Monopoly Streets, yes I like Monopoly and this game didn't make me think or collect anything and has been a great way to relax after a long day at work(there are plenty of those happening lately I can assure you). In just a 2 short offline game(stupid CPU) and 1 very hard to arrange and find someone on the server online game I wound up with 650/1000. I sent it back tonight simply because I didn't want to fight with the online right now and would like a crack at something else from my giant list. But this game got me sitting down controller in hand and made me feel better at the end of the workday, which means I give this game my gratitude. It might not be the best in the world but it was enough to boost my score up some and de-stress me enough to get back to hardcore games.

Also, I'm hella pissed off at EA as there will be another 11 online servers shut down some of which for games that aren't even 18months old. Which means I will be under a time crunch to try to wrap up achievement lists or in some cases(ahem...MMA...ahem) start the game in general. It isn't until April 13th so I have some time but it isn't near enough to make me feel comfortable...

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Darkness 2

The Darkness 2, all I can say is wow. I wasn't expecting to like this game nearly as much as I did. I admit I bought the first one when it went on sale at Gamestop for about 4 bucks when I worked there, and then let it rot in my game library. I still haven't actually played it shame on me.

The talent tree expansion system really won me over. With some games this system gets incredibly annoying, but in this game I didn't find myself cursing and screaming when I couldn't find a portal to use. The gradual progression left me hungering for more ways to earn dark essence from kills and left me wanting to find all 29 collectibles in the game since they were worth a whopping 300 essence a piece.

The collectibles were not overdone and certainly didn't feel like a chore. Some games include hundreds of collectibles and can feel repetitive. The Darkness 2 avoids this as there are 29 different collectibles hidden in the levels and the best part is that on the pause screen the game will tell you how many collectibles are in the level and how many you have found. It leaves the guesswork that some other games have that often can drive people up a wall, me especially.

A New Game+ feature makes the achievement getting much easier as you can restart the game with all of your previously bought talents and then utilize them on a harder playthrough, which is especially useful for people looking to get the achievement for playing on the hardest difficulty accomplished. Also, this feature is great for completing all the talent trees, of which there are 4 to complete, in my first playthrough I collected all the collectibles and was able to finish 2 trees and get about halfway on the other 2 tress I had left.

The Vendettas campaign and Hit List is a great way to incorporate multiplayer into the Darkness. Giving 4 different characters with different abilities and weaponry really reminded me of the Left 4 Dead series especially with the drop in drop out play. Start a level alone and end with a full team beating the Brotherhood down in a sweep.

The experience was one that I wasn't sure I would enjoy when I rented this on a whim. I nearly didn't bother with this game and am now glad that I did. This game engrossed me in the content and left me wanting more after the end. The multiplayer didn't feel stale and old and the missions weren't so long that I wanted them to be over. The difficulty was spot on and with 4 different ones to choose from people new to games all the way up to old pros will find something to challenge their skills.

If you haven't played this I highly recommend you pick this up and give it a try, it is well worth the 60 dollar price tag, and for sure at least worth a 2.99 Blockbuster rental or a 2.00 Redbox night.

At the end of my 4 days with this game I got 31/50 achievements for 500/1000G. And I had a damn good time doing it too. I might start a new game before returning this tomorrow to mop up a few achievements I have left but I'm not sure yet. Time will see. I might find myself moving onto some of my backlog fodder to fill my time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Clearance Shelves: The best deals if you work for em.

Bulletstorm on clearance for 8.98 at Target. Damn right I bought it! I have been waiting to find this on clearance for awhile. I rented it when it first came out and now I can finish this and get the dlc. I got the code for the limited edition content out of the rental so I don't mind that this is the second printing.