Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Back Bitches!

Well it has officially been 2 weeks since my last post....oops. Now for the reasons why....

1. I got that job...I now work 45-50 hours a week about 40 minutes from home. I have 1 hour and 20 minutes worth of commuting every single day now. Yay for money, boo for the long drive and the time it takes away from me being at home.

2. The woman can be pretty needy, especially right now with some family issues going on. I find myself spending most of my days off with her because I love her and need to be there for her...damn me being a good partner it kills my gaming.

I am hoping to get back into the swing of things. I rented UFC Undisputed 3(fucking THQ) today from RedBox and will spend some time with it tonight before work tomorrow morning. I'm currently contemplating renting the new SSX game that comes out tomorrow. I also need to spend some more quality time with KoA:Reckoning and give a proper review.

I also happen to owe a big achievement day. I have all the games sitting in a neat little pile for it. I just need to find a day off and shut off my phone and get down to business. I have barely turned on my Xbox, lately I have spent all of my time in my bedroom with the PS3 playing Netflix while I unpack and do laundry. It has been nearly 5 months and I am still not unpacked into the new condo yet. So much to do so little time.

I'm back with a new ferocity...I just need to find a way to balance it all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Great Catch Up....

Alright, things are crazy hectic around here right now...they are just filled with drama and all sorts of crazy. Between me being so sick I could barely get out of bed on sunday, my doctor's appointment today along with V-Day celebrations(tomorrow is too crazy to try with the schedules), and tomorrow being my job interview there is just far too much to try to get done in between gaming. Therefore, on wednesday the great catch up will commence.

I only got 7 out of 12 on sunday because of illness. Therefore 5 are left for that day. 11 are left for today. And as of now 14 are left for tomorrow(I will amend this number if I wind up gaming tomorrow) plus the 15 for wednesday. That makes 45 achievements needed in order to put me back on track. I am making a special exception due to life circumstances in the leapfrog. I need to get all the missing achievements on wednesday in order to stay in this game and continue onto day 16.

Yes, this is going to be a huge day. I am hoping to get around 50 or so achievements regardless of the number that I need just because I feel kind of crappy about this amount of crazy shit happening all at once. Therefore, as an I'm sorry to myself(and everyone keeping track of this) and because there will be no more posts until wednesday(other than this one being amended depending on gaming). I even went out today while doing some errands before the doctor's appointment and picked up a stack of 7 games in order to help jumpstart this last ditch effort at keeping the leapfrog alive and kicking....

Here goes nothing, it is go big or go home time, the day of catch up is planned and ready...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 11 and I haven't failed yet!

Today was another rousing round of PC gaming. I split my time between Age of Empires Online and Halo 2.  My ear is killing me and I cannot wait for it to be monday so I can head to the doctor. I get annoying fevers and the cold weather is killing me.  I have been feeling a little drained as of late but the pending job interview has really made things better. Once this ear infection is cleared up I am going to get back to Kinect and the grind on the actual console.

I gained a level in AoE which is nice and I'm halfway to the next which is nice because it puts me towards the level 10 achievement. But this game feels like such a grind sometimes with low level quests sometimes taking hours(I'm afraid for the more difficult levels like 40). I have yet to even take on Legendary quest. It is starting to feel daunting as can be.

Halo 2, I didn't own an Xbox so I never played this game before now. I played Halo 1 for the first time when they remastered it and released it for the 360 this past fall. It is funny to sit and hear achievement names from Halo Reach in the cutscenes. It is nice to go back to the roots of a series once in awhile and it is crazy fun to look at how different the game physics have become. When I jump in this game I feel like I'm playing a moon simulator and I'm in zero gravity nearly. I'm enjoying my play-through and on the bright side I popped nearly all the online achievements today, I'm only missing a few more for online which mega excites me. Overall this experience is one of the better ones for the PC I have tried out. 16 for 225G.

Day 11 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 11
Achievements Earned Today:16
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 2,357G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 225G

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Leapfrog Day 10....Things are looking up around here!

Today, started oddly to say the least a string of phone calls and a family lunch followed by more phone calls. I was awoken this morning(sort of) by a call from my cousin. Then, shortly after falling back asleep the lady's work number called my phone thinking it was hers. I had to tell them its my number with 1 on the end instead. This isn't the first time nor do I think it will be the last... Went to lunch with my brother and father and had an enjoyable time. Got home just in time to get a phone call for a huge interview for a management position. That was what really made my day. I got laid off on Christmas and haven't had much luck job wise. But this looks promising. I passed the phone interview(all the wonderful questions) and was invited for an interview in person on Valentine's Day. My week just started looking up! I didn't actually start playing until around 6 or so tonight because of errands and such(had to get a haircut for the interview). But I got it done just barely. I get a feeling this leapfrog is going to get difficult very soon with all the stuff coming up.

I scrounged Halo 2 up for the PC. I have been PC gaming like mad lately. I guess being in a different part of the house does make a difference. But the weirdest thing happened while installing it, it told me my processor was running at too low a speed to play the game. Now this baffled me a bit considering that my computer plays Fable 3 on the highest settings with no issues whatsoever(and looks mighty pretty too)....I went in and changed the settings and found it was running at 1/3 of what it could be. I then proceeded to remember I changed the settings down when I was installing the new video card trying to adjust the power that was being drawn out from the system before I got a new power strip with power backup. Good job me. Once again my memory has failed me terribly. Yay! I spent my whole time with this today. I just got done with a replay of Halo Combat Evolved on the 360 so I figured this would be a good game to follow it up with while I was in the mood. 10 for 295G.

I'm still not feeling very well on a side note but my mood has improved dramtically. I am hoping to feel well enough to start up with kinect again and to get back to the couch for some backlog love(which now includes a couple new releases).

Day 10 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 10
Achievements Earned Today:10
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 2,132G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 295G

Friday, February 10, 2012

Leapfrog Day 9...How drama nearly destroyed my life and leapfrog....

Alot has happened today(none of it particularly good) and unfortunately it left me with about 4 or so hours in order to do all of today's achievements. I don't remember most of the gaming I did. I just seemed to be in a fog. I just have this sinking feeling in my stomach that I just can't seem to shake. I hope that tomorrow is better but who knows at this point. I haven't eaten today except for dinner with the lady(and even then she ate about half but I am not complaining whatsoever) and I'm just not feeling very good. I'm not even really wanting to play this drama just has me feeling burnt out and done.

Halo Wars, for a game I seem to despise I just keep playing it. Which is impressive and shocking all at the same time for me. 1 for 10G.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, I don't remember playing this game. I cannot tell you the first thing about the gameplay, controls, or even the premise of said game. I only know that I played it because and my Xbox itself tells me I did. Scary in it's own right but it is understandable considering. 2 for 60G.

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures...what can I say hunting down and shooting Bambi was what was needed after today. I pretty much just played on autopilot, which is a rarity for me, normally I am immersed and present when I play a game but today was not the case. 3 for 75G.

GRAW, yet another game I do not remember playing whatsoever. I know that today I seem to be playing alot of games that are just not my normal genre which must be the mood or something. Even as I am writing I just have that stomach tossing impending doom feeling, and I am not digging it. 1 for 25G.

Battlefield 2:Modern Combat, yet another game from the list I have no recollection of playing. Maybe I will go back through tomorrow and figure it out. 1 for 20G.

Saints Row 2, I haven't touched this game in quite some time. I jumped on really quickly just so I could get the vehicle surfing achievement to finish this day out. 1 for 5G.

KoA: Reckoning, I want to start this soon. Hopefully tomorrow assuming I feel a little better. I want to actually post my review and impressions of this game especially after how upset and annoyed I was at this day 1 dlc thing. I figure I owe it some special attention at this point.

In other news entirely I have indeed just realized that this year is a leap year which means there are 29 not 28 days in this month(good job me!!!!). Which also means that I need to add another 29 achievements to my minimum total completion achievement list. Therefore, I stand corrected at 435 achievements not 406. Good one on me for not knowing how to read a calendar!

Day 9 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 9
Achievements Earned Today:9
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 1837G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 195G

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leapfrog Day 8....or how I remembered I had a computer...

Day 8 has officially come and gone here in the Lou.  It was uneventful to say the least, except for the fact that I happened to look down at 3am and notice I had a perfectly good is that relevant? Why it has Games For Windows Live...not just one or two but I have stacks sitting around waiting for me to love them. I also have a wired controller via usb for these games, why am I not using them? I actually sat down at the PC and started playing of course knowing I would get achievements made it better, as did the netflix playing on my iMac right next to it.

Now first up in a string of long under-loved games was Fable III, now I bought this months ago when it was on sale at Target. I played it for about 3 seconds and tossed it in the pile of PC games otherwise known as where games go to die in this house. I was busy doing another playthrough on the Xbox at the time and just didn't care I suppose, that was back in September so it has been a few months and I guess my brain finally felt ready to go back to Albion. 7 for 70G.

Halo Wars, If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all I just isn't my cup of tea is more appropriate a term but eh. 1 for 5G.

I loaded up Tinker but the cute little confused robot just sadly was not enough to keep my attention....poor unloved, unoiled, little piece of scrap metal.

This next game was one that happened to hold my heart in long eras past. One in which achievements didn't exist. Now it isn't the same game but the latest in a series. Age of Empires Online. I bought the premium Greek civilization on launch day and shortly after purchased the Egyptian. I have barely touched the Egyptian at all but I have shown some love to the Greeks. This also was back in September, something about that month screamed play the PC or something. I finally got a co-op partner and finally got a friend on the same server. I actually feel accomplished. I rarely ever go out of my way to play a game with someone on my list of my own accord, generally they are sending me requests. This time around I was the one doing the requesting, it felt nice and warm all over. I hope it was as good for them as it was for me. 2 for 35G.

Now I know how I went on about how I despise Kingdoms of Amalur doing this day 1 dlc online pass shit. But a copy arrived at my doorstep today and I won't exactly complain about not paying for something...therefore I will indeed play it. When I'm not sure. Will it be soon? You can probably bet your ass on it.

Also I downloaded the new Final Fantasy XIII-2 dlc today and will most likely be giving it a go in the next few days. I'm actually excited to be able to play as Lightning and of course play against her too. *Giggles like a schoolgirl in the corner*

Day 8 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 8
Achievements Earned Today:10
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 1642G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 110G

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leapfrog Day 7....I've come to despise THQ....

I'm really starting to get into a groove. I'm actually working on games consistently and going back to things I thought I wouldn't touch for awhile or ever again. Case in point, Fallout New Vegas reappeared on my card today. As did some other random things I didn't think I would bother with. It is kind of nice to be working on this crazy backlog and actually seeing results.

I started my my day with GRAW, it ins't really my type of game but I have a rule that I have to at least try something for a least 30 minutes more than 1 time before I discount it to the pile of games I despise or refuse to play. This is on it's second play and I don't despise it I just don't care for it much. I won't refuse to play it but I will not be going out of my way to pop it in either. When the dust had settled I got 2 for 50G.

UFC....what can I say that I already haven' about the hilarious Pokemon reference in the Gotta Catch 'Em All achievement for collecting virtual cards of fighters...I must say I enjoyed Pokemon more. But congratulations THQ you paid homage to a company who doesn't have 70 cent shares and isn't laying off 170 people because they have a business formula that actually works. Wait, companies don't dump millions of dollars into licensing for a niche market game normally huh? Baffling indeed. Somehow, this game has made me realize just how much I find THQ to be retarded. I thank them for Saints Row The Third but most of the rest of the lineup I find to be unfinished, unpolished crap. I can't even get online for UFC and the servers still exist, I guess when you have no employees to work on the server because you laid them all off things go downhill, now if only this problem wasn't occurring before they were nearly kicked off the stock market and they announced layoffs....Get it together or shut down already....2 for 55G...moving along.

Fallout: New Vegas, now I enjoy this game. I stood in line for the midnight release in the slightly chilly air got my collectors edition and then didn't put it down for about 2 months. Then I found myself burnt out and very much so over V.A.T.S. and the wastes. But for some reason after more than a year of me not touching this game at all I found myself wanting to play it and play I did. I actually smiled the whole time I had this in today. And remembered I had 4 save files running for different faction playthroughs. I loaded up my Wild Card playthrough and went to town. I unlocked 3 for 65G.

Left 4 Dead 2, it makes me remember that sometimes a shotgun is all you need. 1 for 15G.

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, I realllllly like shooting poor defenseless animals what can I say? Thumper needed that .44 mag to the ass, that Elk deserved to be shot in the heart with my recurve's all in good virtual sport! Besides, I'm far too lazy to actually go out and do this in person so doing on a video game is the next best thing. I haven't renewed my fishing or hunting licenses in years this is all I have left people! 8 for 215.

In completely unrelated but could be in some ways news I have canceled my Blockbuster combo pass membership. They hadn't received any new games since Skyrim nor did they have any old stuff that I hadn't played or didn't already own. I actually had more titles sitting at home than they did in store. Scary to a degree.

Day 7 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 7
Achievements Earned Today:16
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 1532G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 400G

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Leapfrog Day 6...No bueno Internet...

Alright now that I have finally reconfigured the internet into a workable useful tool instead of one that makes everything not work and makes the xbox throw random mtu codes when the mtu is perfect. I was so close to smashing a 300 dollar router into bits and throwing a grossly overpriced modem outside and then running it over with the car....It has indeed been a long day, very long actually, mostly because of a horrific family crisis type of situation. On to the point of this post enough rambling...

UFC Undisputed 2010....I don't quite know I can say a ton of wonderful things about the game. It doesn't suck, but if you aren't a fan of the UFC or MMA in general this is not your title. This games controls can be pretty intense for the casual gamer and annoying for the hardcore achievement hunter. But after a steep learning curve you will find yourself playing like a pro. Or find yourself running around threatening superman punches at people in Walmart, either works really. I popped 5 for 115G.

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, another niche game type for sure. The guide will get on your nerve and sometimes the shot seems to be slightly off for no real reason. I can't tell you how many times I shot a sheep in the heart only to watch it look at me and run towards me. Why won't you die!?!? I chased this same sheep around with a shotgun and had to pepper it in the face and ass about 3 times before it finally dropped.....right....I was literally standing on top of it....that means it should just fucking die! Keep in mind this is after I had already shot it twice in the spine with a Remington hunting rifle...All in all I popped 12 for 165G.

I decided to torture myself with some zombie apocolypse. I played Left 4 Dead 2 online and popped the annoying QUALIFIED RIDE achievement for 15G. I decided that one was enough and ended my playtime with this. I started feeling burnt out and just over it at that point.

On a side note Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur is in stores as of now. I do not think I will be buying a game designed by a studio where an ex baseball star is the owner and where they put out the single buggiest demo that actually makes the simplest gameplay impossible. It actually offended me a little that they did that. This is supposed to be showing me how much I want the game not how shitty it really is. I will save my 60 bucks and maybe rent this or buy it a year down the road when it is 20 bucks. Also this online pass to freaking unlock day 1 dlc makes me one pissed off panda but such is life.

Day 6 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 6
Achievements Earned Today:18
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 1132G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 295G

Monday, February 6, 2012

Leapfrog Day 5....the force has not faltered....

The end of day was uneventful. I got nearly all the achievements needed for today in the wee hours before bed yesterday. I think I finally crashed around 5am and pretty much played the whole 5 hours skipping around and just trying to enjoy myself. is still messed up for my timestamps which is making my life more difficult than it needs to be....ughs. I am just keeping track of what I earn in the morning and double checking against my console.

I threw Modern Warfare 3 in to finish the 2 survival achievements I had left. It was only a couple levels to 50 so I figured why the hell not. It only took me about 2 games of survival each getting me to about wave 20 before I was over that map and wanted a new one. In other news on Resistance I am ranked 45,450th in the world I reached wave 30 in a little under an hour or so. I was fairly shocked at the number considering I am not an avid shooter gamer nor do I happen to spend alot of time. Total Achievements 2 totaling 40G.

Battlefield: Bad Company was up next I popped 2 for 35G.

At this point I am so close to 60k I can taste it so I decide I want to hit it directly. I put in Fuzion Frenzy 2 because of its generous and even achievements. I wind up unlocking 3 for 125G and it winds up putting me at 60k exactly. I was very excited especially because nearly every other large even number I have overshot or had an uneven amount of points for.

I threw in the original GRAW for a short while. No reason why. It just kind of happened. I didn't even realize what I put in until the title screen came up. I popped 3 for 75G.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, what can I say I happen to be addicted. I finally decided that I had grinded enough to do the Atlas boss battle and was able to get the 5 star rating for it on the first shot...I popped 2 for 29G.

MOH: Airborne has made a reappearance, this time for some multiplayer...need to work on this before they shut the server down(which lets be honest its an EA game my time is limited here). I popped 2 for 20G.

On a side note I did the math and to pass all the days of leapfrog I will need 406 achievements total.

Day 5 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 5
Achievements Earned Today:14
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 837G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 324G

Sunday, February 5, 2012

60,000 and counting!

Alright, it has only taken me a little over a year and a half to reach this milestone. I only really got serious about achievement whoring and hunting about 6 months ago, give or take. Before that I played games as I pleased, some easy some hard, but I didn't go out of my way to find a game because of it's easy 1k. My gaming has changed dramatically and in some ways I enjoy games more. In others, I want to throw them out a's looking at you incredibly annoying collectible achievements. 

 With 100k off in the distance I wonder just how long it will take me to reach it. I have been diligent and serious over the past couple of months and blew through 50k in less than a month. Which makes me think it won't be long before I'm looking back at 100k and wondering where all the time went.

Would I change anything, maybe, I would get serious sooner, spend less time just sitting in party chats, and of course try harder to find partners for online games. But in some ways I wouldn't change anything, I have met some great people, played some amazing games, and nearly lost the equivalent of a years worth of sleep staying up late. 

All in all it has been a worthwhile ride, one that I know I am nowhere near being done with. I have 60,000 reasons behind me and thousands more ahead...

Day 4 and still going strong...

Day 4 has come to a close and I must say I am starting to get into a groove. I am starting to want to blog at the end of the night. It used to feel more like a chore, something I had to do but didn't want to, now it feels like something fun and exciting. Maybe this leapfrog is reinvigorating me more than I ever thought that it could.

Today I did nothing but play Final Fantasy XIII-2. I despised XIII with a fire, I hated its linear on the rails style of play, I hated how long the damn tutorials were, I just hated the whole experience. Square Enix must have listened because this game is nothing like that. I actually want to play, and I actually am enjoying grinding away because infusing monsters and catching them makes me feel like I'm playing a grander scale(prettier too) pokemon game to a degree. Only I rarely get the monster I want and its a rare appearance anyhow so I am back to running around for the next hour waiting for the next one. The story can be a little taxing, particularly because of its cutscene reliance, but you can skip them and get right down to the action. I got 7 Achievements for 118G just in my time spent with it today.

In other news this game has inadvertently fixed my gamerscore. The odd numbered achievements evened me back to a 0 or 5 for the first time in quite awhile. I know it won't last long because it has quite a few more odd numbered achievements hiding for me to discover but it is nice to see while it lasts. I could logically hit 60k right on the nose if I am careful with what I play. I'm sitting at 59,800 so it isn't a long way off...

Day 4 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 4
Achievements Earned Today:7
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 513G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 118G

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Leapfrog part 3...I haven't failed yet!

Well it appears as though anything unlocked between 12am and around 5am on my xbox seems to get tagged as the previous day on but appears with the correct date stamp on my profile via the dashboard. This is getting more than a little annoying. I now have to use my xbox to help me write the posts until this gets sorted out. I suppose it could be worse, things could be glitching and freaking out on both ends.

I started the day off with Battlefield: Bad Company...another war game I will most likely never finish because I don't particularly care for them. I didn't do too poorly for the short time I spent with it. I popped 3 Achievements for 50G, which also means that day 3 is officially completed and a success.

I started Bioshock 2 and popped 1 for 10G. This is a game that I threw in on a whim and quickly decided I actually wanted to play something else. I hate when that happens. It seems as though game hopping is becoming a normal thing around here and I am not taking too kindly to it, I need to break this habit now!

The last thing I decided to play was Stacking. I am quite addicted to these adorable little russian dolls. This is actually the first arcade game that I think should have more than 1 dlc pack. It is entertaining without being too repetitive or infuriating. I love just playing this a level at a time and being able to set my own pace. This game seems to be popping up more and more on the quickplay list and most likely will stay on it until it is completed. I popped 4 for 50G.

Day 3 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 3
Achievements Earned Today:8
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 395G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 110G

Friday, February 3, 2012

Leapfrog Day Deux!

Day 2 of the leapfrog has come and gone. 2 achievements were needed to pass and I am fairly certain that within about 10 minutes this morning I had today in the bag.

I loaded up Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution and played a quick game on King difficulty. This game is one of my favorites on the Xbox and one that I admit I have slacked on seriously. I rarely play it, which is odd for a game I happen to be in love with. I played an accelerated scenario as the Arabs(I had no interest in a 3+ hour game today hence the scenario) where everything in the game is paced quicker which in turn can make it even harder. I wound up winning a Technology victory(take that Ghandi!) netting me A Knight Without Fear or Blame for 15G(Win as an Arab Civilization) and 640K Ought to be Enough for 30G(Win a technology victory on king or higher). I also never switched from despotism(absolute power is kind of my thing) which earned me Absolute Power is Kind of Neat for 25G. Being the amazing strategist I am I also only had one city which got me Power Never Takes a Back Step for 25G.

I decided to torture myself with more strategy only this time in the form of the Halo universe. I started up Halo Wars again. And I still dislike it as much as when I played it the first time. But I found a groove and kept pushing through. I completed Act II and Act III as well as improved my score on a campaign mission earning me Key to Pirth for 50G, Ugly is only Skin Deep for 70G and Crushed Colors for 10G respectively. Crushed Colors says it unlocked on 2/1 on which makes no sense at all but it is correct on the Xbox...weird. I hope this isn't another sign of issues on the rise with

Day 2 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 2
Achievements Earned Today:7
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 285G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 225G

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Numero Uno...Let The Leapfrog Begin!

Alright, so day numero uno of leapfrog has officially been closed out for about an hour or so now, and today was a success, not a huge one but one despite it all. I almost forgot all about my plan, with all the random shit going on and all the stress I almost woke up today and didn't play Xbox at all.

I was with the K-Chan this morning and I didn't connect to the interwebs like normal because:
A. I am lazy
B. Her phone was nowhere to be found so I couldn't get the internet password
C. I didn't just shove my hard drive into her already hooked up Xbox, I instead just switched hers for mine cord wise
D. All of the above

Those who said D would be correct in this situation. But I did play some Left 4 Dead 2 much to her dislike(she haaaaaates Zombies with a passion). But I managed to do a speed run of the sugar mill on hard rain and avoid all the damn witches to net myself SOB STORY for 30G. Haha, achievement 1 done, now that wasn't too hard(and I can actually be done for the day).

Next Up was Stacking. Now I commend Double Fine for this game. I enjoy just sitting down and running around doing Hi-Jinks and solving all the solutions to the problems. I finished the zeppelin in story mode to net myself Airship Adventurer for 10G. Achievement number 2. I'm feeling accomplished already!

I get home and put all my stuff back together. I hook up the Xbox to the big screen again, put up the games on the shelves and start some laundry(clean clothes make me smile!). I decide to play some more end of the world zombie apocalypse only this time its Left 4 Dead. I play some online Versus and manage to finally find a team retarded enough to pretty much play as their own people. I get spawned as a hunter...I am amused, the fun has begun. I will pounce and rape all I want. I pounced 2 different survivors in one life(thank you idiot children, I indeed did hear you screaming about me killing you, you are welcome) and Double Jump for 20G graced my screen with its wonderful popping sound.

That about wraps up my first leapfrog day. It is indeed day 2 already and I need to get cracking. Maybe I can wrap day 2 up before bed, who am I kidding 2 will never be enough...

Day 1 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed for Pass: 1
Achievements Earned Today: 3
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 60G
Gamerscore Earned Today:60G

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leapfrog is here! Also, the random gaming update!

It is officially February 1st, therefore as mentioned in my previous post I will start a month long daily leapfrog. It includes daily posting also which will indeed help the blog in the long run too. This is not only to add some variety but also serve as a way to steer me towards some completions. If this goes well I will try to incorporate it into my routine every couple months. I'm starting out with the shortest month of the year as the test. It sucks that it also happens to have Valentine's Day but that just means I need to game early that morning or well be screwed...

So the rules are as follows:

The number of achievements I need are based on the date. On the 1st, 1 achievement is needed to pass, the 2nd, 2 so on and so forth. This will allow me to build up throughout the course of the month and of course challenge me to not go overboard one day and be scrambling the next.

I have to do a post everyday. That happens to be the whole point of the blog after all.

If I do not achieve the amount of achievements needed for the day I fail. I know hardcore punishment. This is more in prep for a more challenging leapfrog whether it be competing against friends or just the number of accomplishments from a previous day. Baby steps people, baby steps.

In other news....I have managed to come across a MW3 wireless headset so I am back to being able to go online and actually communicate with teammates. Hooray! Speaking of online I did a massive Halo: Reach session and finally completed all but 5 of the online achievements. I am searching for more people to team up with to make a full party for the playlists left so I can officially bury this one down on my list. It figures that I have the ridiculous achievements that are locked to defiant maps only and the 2 odd numbered achievements from the Noble map-pack left to complete. It never can be sweet and easy!

I sold a collection of games that were completed on my list but sitting around my house like dead roaches. I always walked by these games saying tomorrow I will go trade this in or I will for sure do it on saturday! And sure enough they would still sit there and I would indeed not move them or if I did they would get integrated back into the 400+ games I happen to own for the system. I have been cleaning up everything around here, bombing the whole place over the past couple of days. The weather has been close to 70 on some days so I have been motivated to clean and reorganize. I also figure this will help in my job search. I seem to better with things when I feel like my home life is in better order.

I have indeed hit the whole whopping 1 achievement needed to progress today and even outdid myself with a few more. I am working on that post and it will be posted either late tonight or early morning tomorrow.