Friday, May 20, 2011

Long Time, No Post......o.O

Anyhow I have barely touched any of my gamefly games which is horrible and pretty stupid on my part but oh welllls. I have bought a ton of games recently for super cheap which is a mega win. Now I just need to be playing them and finishing them for it to actually be worth it.

Well onto the main part and reason for the blog post!!! The achievements!!!!!

Earthworm Jim HD:
Blast it! for 5G

Total: 5G

I know I have barely touched this game and it is mostly because I have barely touched my phone lately other than for calls and have barely had any free time at work or anything. I prefer my controller when I am at home.

Rock of the Dead:
Gettin the Band Back Together! for 20G

Total: 20G

So I hated this game and already sent it back to gamefly, maybe when I have more patience will this game actually grab my attention. Until then, this game can suck it!!!!!

Deer Hunter HD:
Multi Kill for 15G

Total: 15G

I never thought I would get this achievement but a blow gun can be a beautiful thing...

You Don't Know Jack:
Map Dancer for 25G
Boob Tuber for 25G
Incurable Hoarder for 30G
JACK Wrack for 20G


So another game I hate with a passion, but I was able to make it though the DLC pack 1. Pack 2 and 3 are available and I will be buying and torturing myself in the name of whoring.

Medal of Honor:
Unexpected Guests for 15G
The Scalpel for 15G
Fear the Reaper for 10G
Multiplayer: Mission Training for 15G
Multiplayer: First rotation for 15G


Another game from gamefly that was short lived. I still have it sitting here I just don't know if I wanna play it.

Truth or Lies:
You Can Breathe Out Now for 20G
In It for the Long Haul for 30G
Consistent for 65G
Original Sinner for 20G
Habitual Liar for 40G
Dubious for 40G
Saint for 65G
Goody Two-Shoes for 20G
A Bad Bunch for 40G
Choir of Angels for 65G
Honest John / Jane for 20G
Coming Clean for 20G
Take the Fifth for 20G
I Thought I Knew You for 40G
Chief Interrogator for 65G
Senior Interrogator for 40G
Is That So? for 20G
Mute for 20G
Procrastinator for 40G
Confidence Game for 40G
Close to Home for 20G
Judge and Jury for 20G
Full House for 20G
Is It Getting Hot in Here? for 20G
Sweaty Palms for 20G

Total: 830G

This game is a royal pain in the ass, it is a pain to get it to register lies no matter what you do. I'm letting this sit until I don't feel the need to break the disc in half.

Halo: Reach:
Two Corpses in One Grave for 25G
An Honor Serving for 25G
I Didn't Train to Be a Pilot for 10G
Both Barrels for 50G
Crackin' Skulls for 45G
Return to Sender for 30G
Candy from a Baby for 75G
Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet for 25G
Banshees, Fast and Low for 25G


Total Gamerscore: 1350G

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