Thursday, October 6, 2011


Alright, picked up RAGE on tuesday, and I have not put it down for a second. At first I didn't think I was going to enjoy this game, but I am highly addicted to it!

The fallout like feel mixed with the mission system and the amount of unlockable/buyable/buildable items in the game makes this game shine.

Now, as I am playing through getting my achievements I have noticed one thing, areas tend to lock up after you complete the missions associated with them, so if there are any collectibles or schematics/recipes in the area make sure to get them before leaving as you will not be able to get them again.

The JACKPOT! achievement for getting 4 target symbols in the first round of Tombstones is entirely pure luck, it only took me about 45 minutes of spamming the a button to get the achievement to pop(while i got 4 targets during every other round making me want to pull my hair out) but have been reading on the forums about how others spent hours or have yet to get it. Luck is all it is, skills got nothin' to do with it.

Now, I have been farming the hell out of the MUTANT BASH TV, after completing it in the campaign you have the option of playing it again and again and again. Excellent for farming money and ammo from it. You can literally sit down for about 30 or so minutes and easily walk out with enough to fill all your ammo up and buy recipes/schematics plus ingredients to build them.

For the TINKERER and ARTS AND CRAFTS achievements you can easily buy 50 of both the cloth bandages and antiseptic(available at both the Outfitters in Wellspring or at Hagars) and choose the build all option, after exiting the build screen give it a couple seconds and it will pop both or just one for you depending on if you had ARTS AND CRAFTS or not when you started. These will come in handy throughout your playthrough and be a lifesaver in a pinch.

For the achievements PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, THREE BIRDS ONE BOMB CAR, KEEP 'EM COMING, and MECHANOCIDE you can easily build a whole bunch of sentry bots, turrets, and rc bomb cars and use them during your spamming of MUTANT BASH TV and eventually you will get them. I got the first 3 the very first time attempting to get them on the first stage of the tv show. MECHANOCIDE will take you slightly longer being at 100 kills combined on all 3 methods but if dedicated it will only take you a couple hours if that.

I have 19 achievements so far from this game and can easily see myself finishing this up fairly quickly at this pace.

I won't spoil it but the IT'S GOOD achievement will make you chuckle during it, I actually got my ATV stuck on a siderail and threw a grenade to try to dislodge it and wound up disintegrating  it and having to call for a tow in order to get it back shiny and new. Best to do this achievement on Sunday during halftime...

Just some tips and tricks I have discovered along the way, more to come as I play through.

Shane Syndrome over and out going back to my angry Cuprino and its homing missiles....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's new game tuesday!

So got up this morning and remembered that it is indeed tuesday, which means it is time to hit the stores and pick up the new stuff for the week.

This week I picked up Rage and the new Spiderman Game, Edge of Time. I have just started Rage and so far it feels like a Red Faction game, but time will tell if it truly winds up being that way. It seems like a mix of fallout type backdrops(no shock thanks to bethesda) and your typical homefront/call of duty/red faction 1st person shooter. Being set in the future really isn't a new premise or concept among war games as of late, especially with homefront being as recent as it is, we shall see if they do it well enough to keep my attention for more than 5 or so minutes.

I'm actually kind of  excited for the spiderman game, I have been going back lately and playing them. I didn't care for shattered dimensions, but found myself getting sucked into web of shadows, I like that I could hop around the city and just find collectibles if i wanted to. I didn't have to do crap for anyone. I really enjoy being your lazy neighborhood spiderman who doesn't give a damn about helping you clean up your city because there are spider symbols to be found! The fact that I could choose what missions to do was pretty nice also, I have really been digging on open world games so it was awesome to just sit down and have fun with. I will be popping Edge of Time in later today and time will tell if it turns into a shattered dimensions game or web of shadows or maybe even a mix of both would be acceptable.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ima kick some assssss and take some names!

So here goes nothing...I have been on a massive gaming spree for about 3 weeks now. I have been crazy motivated and despite everything going on I am making headway. Not only am I finding time to go back and start finishing up games that I have long let sit in my "I'll finish it eventually pile" I am starting new things and finding myself getting sucked in for more than 5 minutes at a time. '

Two games I have started finishing back up is Fable III, and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I put fable away shortly after it came out because I got burnt out, I could not keep playing it, but I had been on a massive playing spree of fable 2 in the weeks before it came out and i think it finally wore me out. Oblivion I could not get into for the life of me when I first got my xbox, I have the dlc and everything i just couldn't make myself play past the sewer at the beginning, I think it was far too much like fallout which I had just finished on the pc and was trying to start on 360(something I have yet to finish or even think about). Oblivion is a relatively easy game to complete and get the full 1250 on. It was just finding the right time to do it and now is the time!!!!!

I only have to finish up the fighters guild(got fucked out of champion thank god for having 2 save files) the mages guild, shivering isles, and then the main story. Not bad considering I despised this game at first.

I picked up Child of Eden and all I can say is fucking wow! The game is so visually stunning it nearly hurts. I could only play 1 level before having to put it down, I played with kinect instead of a controller and it was sheer amazing, no lag or anything. The game will give you seizures if you happen to be epileptic and will give you a massive headache if you don't because of how much there is to look at on screen. But the premise and gameplay is nearly flawless other than hurting your eyes. The story is refreshing, new and intriguing enough to keep you playing.

I picked up the new X-Men game X-Men: Destiny and it is a typical action adventure with options on what you do. The game is easy and annoying all at the same time and really just makes you want to shank yourself with its cartoony story and annoying camera angles. For 60 dollars this game is a loser, for 20 or less this is an entertaining day or so.

I broke a rule of mine that is long withstanding and played the new Madden. I haven't truly played a madden game since 98, I have 06 on my card but that was mostly sim from franchise mode and some easy unentertaining crap with a friend for about an hour. I actually kind of enjoyed this game, shockingly enough. I was able to easily remember how to play from my knowledge of 98 and the achievements were actually kind of fun, i mean come on kicking a 60+ yard field goal is fucking hilarious to try to accomplish, and rushing for over 231+ yards with one player was a fun challenge. I played about 2 games in exhibition and started a Superstar. This game was a rental and was worth the 2 bucks. I will one day rent it again to finish it up, I only got 365G before shipping it back to Blockbuster.

I have spent alot of time with Fruit Ninja Kinect lately. It came as a download out of my copy of The Gunstringer(which I haven't played yet but willllll very sooon). I completed the WP7 version in February  and I have to say I love this version. I bought 1 dlc pack so far and will more than likely purchase the other 2 also. There is something therapeutic about hacking and slashing fruit especially if you imagine someones head on the screen....oh wait that is a different game, anyhow...

Dead Island is a soul sucker, sheer and simple. Soul. Sucker. I spent days just running around on the island not doing shit. Which was fun but was horrible for my gamerscore. I got 80G from my headless running but this is a game for another time with me, I'm burnt on the zombie craze.

I have been into Age of Empires online, if anyone else out there is playing send me a friend request, we can get some achievements together and do some co-op.

Those are the big time suckers of right now, I'm busy compiling a list of achievements and such that have been earned since my last true post in may....and working on a youtube channel to be launching sometime before christmas hopefully.

Here goes nothing, wish me luck all,

Shane Syndrome (your friendly neighborhood female gamerscore whore)