Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Achievement Haul....o.O

So I have been pretty busy with everything going on in my life the past couple days and have only been able to put a trivial amount of time into gaming. Sad as that may be.

I recently got into Dragon Age: Origins pretty hardcore. I bought the game awhile back and played it maybe 2 times for about an hour each session. But I got into a mood for an RPG and didn't want to play any of the other RPG's in my collection and found this sitting on the shelf behind everything else. I popped it in and really got into the gameplay this time around. I have sunk about 8 or so hours into over the past 2 nights. I am most likely going to finish this up along with all the DLC and buy Awakenings and then go ahead and venture into Dragon Age 2 a game I thought I would never buy...BioWare 1, my wallet -60...

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
Back Taxes for 40G
Perfect Attendance for 73G

Total Achievements for You Don't Know Jack: 2
Total Gamerscore for You Don't Know Jack: 113G

I finally played through all 73 episodes and got all the wrong answers of the game. I only have 2 achievements left in the main 1000 and the DLC. I'm gonna let this one sit for a couple days and decide whether or not I want to send it back to Gamefly or keep it for a little while longer and actually finish the game.

Achievements gained from Pocketbike Racer:
Standard Gold for 10G

Total Achievements for Pocketbike Racer: 1
Total Gamerscore for Pocketbike Racer: 10G

This game is fun but only for short periods of time and wears on me pretty fast. Since I only have tournaments in local play to finish I will take my time and just kind of play when the mood strikes me since I actually bought this game outright.

Achievements gained from Uno HD for WP7:
Two Card for 5G
Four Card for 5G
Reverse Card for 5G
Skip Card for 5G
The double UNO for 5G
Wild Card for 5G
Win 1 st Tournament for 10G
Win 3 rd Tournament for 10G
Cool Winner for 5G
Win 5 th Tournament for 10G
Win 7th Tournament for 10G
Win 10 th Tournament for 10G
Win 11 th Tournament for 10G
Win 12 th Tournament for 15G
Win 13 th Tournament for 15G
Win 14 th Tournament for 15G
Win 15 th Tournament for 30G
Win 1 st Easy for 5G
Win 1 st Normal for 10G

Total Achievement for UNO: 19
Total Gamerscore for UNO: 185G

So I picked this up on the Deal of the Week and only need to win the 1st round of a Hard quick play game, I just find myself UNO'd out for the time being maybe when I am bored at work on of these days I will finish this up.

Achievements gained from Scene It? BOS!:
Soft Focus for 20G

Total Achievements for Scene It? BOS!: 1
Total Gamerscore for Scene It? BOS!: 20G

I decided to play a little Scene It while I was bored one night and actually managed to get a string of Distorted Reality questions I knew the answer to...shocking

Achievements gained from Halo: Reach:
Lemme Upgrade Ya: for 10G

Total Achievements for Halo: Reach: 1
Total Gamerscore for Halo: Reach: 10G

I rented this from Gamefly finally to start to finish this up. I actually hated Halo but have been finding myself getting into the story and the gameplay finally. I'm gonna buy this from Gamefly for like maybe 15 dollars compared to Gamestop who is charging nearly 50...I would say this is a steal, especially considering the Gamefly copy they sent me has barely any scratches on it at all and I will get the original game case and manual.

Achievements gained from Dragon Age: Origins:
Pilgrim for 10G
Easy Lover for 10G
Educated for 15G

Total Achievements for Dragon Age: Origins: 3
Total Gamerscore for Dragon Age: Origins: 35G

Total number of Achievements: 27
Total Gamerscore: 373G

It is a decent amount considering the majority of my time has been spent on a time consuming RPG which will require me to play multiple playthroughs.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Completed Game #13

So I finally couldn't stand it anymore and felt the need to finish up Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian. It was hellishly easy and a good lazy day game for me. I finished up the last 3 or so levels of it last night in one sitting. The boss battle was almost a joke.

So now I have 1000/1000G
And a 100% completion for it.

Achievement Difficulty: 2/10
There are a couple challenges that are annoying due to game mechanics and can be a pain to complete, other than that it is smooth sailing.

Time to complete: 4 or so hours
It took me a little under 4 hours to actually finish this game mostly because I missed a collectible in a level and had to go back and find it. If you don't miss anything in any level you could easily finish this in around 3 to 31/2 hours. Missing collectibles or awards will certainly set you back some time.

I bought this game for 7.99 so it was worth it in the end. Gamefly will give me 2.50 for it as of now, but I don't have any other games to get rid of right now so the shipping isn't worth it to me. I'm almost scared what the other used retailers will give right now seeing as how they take stuff for 2.00 and then sell it for around 15-17...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Much For Getting Stuff Accomplished

Well I have 1 more day off this week and so far it has been a pretty big fail. I have had a lot of time taken up by 1 game in particular, You Don't Know Jack. I'm nearing the end maybe 10 or so episodes left in the main game. But there is DLC and I'm not sure if I am strong enough to tackle that. I might just wind up sending it back to Gamefly and just re-renting it later after some well deserved time off.

I started back up on Night at the Museum 2 and had to go back and mop up an achievement from a previous level because of a flying level that I didn't quite have the hang of the 1st time through. I wasn't really paying attention when I first went through and missed 2 wrenches.

I was trying to complete Big Bumpin' but every-time I have a party lined up people don't show up or people decide that they don't want to play anymore. No messages or anything. At least have the courtesy to message to change days or whatnot. Grrrrr. Whatever, I may just start searching for some other partners for this game.

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
Menage-a-Quatre for 20G
Discover the Gauntlet of Fire for 10G
Film in Your Brain for 40G
The Game's Half Full for 5G
The Game's Half Empty for 5G

Total for You Don't Know Jack: 5 Achievements/80G

Achievements gained from Pocketbike Racer:
Battle Royal Gold for 10G
Cone Trial Gold for 10G

Total for Pocketbike Racer: 2 achievements/20G

Achievements gained from Night at the Museum 2:
Wrench Wrangler for 20G
Art Appreciation for 30G
Mudface for 20G
Picasso for 20G
For Art's Sake for 20G
Fine Art for 30G

Total for Night at the Museum 2: 6 achievements/140G

Total Achievements: 13
Total Gamerscore: 240G

I purchased Sonic & Knuckles for 120 microsoft points since they have a SEGA super sale going on currently. I might pick up a couple other titles before the sale is over 200 points for Sonic games is a good deal and takes me back to playing on the Genesis. A few other SEGA titles are tempting me like Shinobi for 200 points and OutRun. I'm not sure yet though. I have quite a few other arcade games to finish and start before I start playing new stuff so I think I should wait but they are so darn cheap that I really think I should buy them.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday Haul....

I had a little more time today for gaining some achievements. Not much more but it was better than the average 30 or so minutes I usually wind up with between work and family. 

Went out to lunch with my mom, and saw my partner in crime, those things take up alot of time that I could spend gaming but they are worth it so I'm not complaining. 

All in all it wasn't the worst day I have had. Lately, I have kind of been in a slump, I have been very antsy and not really able to focus on games for a long period of time. No one game has been holding my interest for longer than maybe 20 to 30 minutes tops. It is a miracle when I actually play a single game title for around 45 minutes. 

I got lucky and someone responded to my post on the forums about PocketBike Racer so I was able to get the online done.

Achievements gained in Night at the Museum:
Gone Postal for 20G
Castle Me for 20G
Fourth of July for 20G
Coin a Phrase for 20G
A New Threat for 20G
In Orbit for 10G
Inflation for 20G
With a Monkey Chaser for 10G
Monkeyshines for 30G
Lady Lindy for 10G
Rotor Router for 20G
Toolbox Hero for 20G

Total for Night at the Museum: 210G

Achievements gained in PocketBike Racer:
Big Stoppie for 20G
Big Wheelie for 15G
Multiplayer King for 20G
Mascot Jr. for 30G
Pro-Gamer for 25G

Total for PocketBike Racer: 110G

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
The Regis for 50G
Living in the Past for 40G
Beast Master for 40G
Phatty for 40G

Total for You Don't Know Jack: 170G

Total Gamerscore for the Day: 490G
Total Achievements for the Day: 21

Completed Another.

I actually finished this game on 4/12/2011 but I haven't really remembered to post about it. I picked up Monopoly for WP7 when it was on deal of the week. For 2.99 it wasn't too horrible. Much better than the 4.99 I would have paid. In fact, I actually had been putting this game off purchase wise because of the price.

It was an easy 200G and only took me about 3 hours. The only achievement that I had any issue with was rolling 3 sets of triples. It is more about luck than anything else. You can get all of these achievements by playing a single game with 2 human players it doesn't matter which human player gains the achievement it will still pop on whoever's account is attached to the phone.

So all in all, this game is a quick and easy 200G and was well worth the 2.99 price tag. For 4.99 it will have to depend on how much you happen to like Monopoly.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Into Saturday Morn o.O

So I got off work last night and came home to play some games. I fired up the xbox and found a friend on playing a game I have been trying to get the achievements on for quite sometime. Luckily he was up for some gaming.

We started online finishing up some games for him and then finishing quite a bit for me. I switched to another profile to help him get a particularly annoying achievement since I didn't want to kill off all my progress towards a couple achievements. Luckily I have my best friend and partner in crime's gamertag on my xbox and she was willing to let me use it for a round of play.

So not alot of achievements from around 4 or so hours of play but it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
Beat a Winner for 40G
Always a Bridesmaid for 10G
Lose to a Loser for 15G

Achievements gained from CarneyVale: Showtime on WP7:
Over the Top for 10G
Up the Tempo for 10G

Total Gamerscore over Friday into Saturday Morning:
A pretty sorry haul but I didn't have much time for playing.

I picked up a few games today after getting off work, mostly old useless junk:
Big Bumpin'
Pocketbike Racer
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

These will join my endless list of games to be played, the list is countless and a little daunting....o.O

I'm sitting on 3 days in a row off this coming week so hopefully I will be able to put up some serious points and finish alot of loose ends I have hanging around on my card.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Night At The Museum?!?!

I picked up Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian awhile back at Best Buy brand new for about 7 bucks. I hadn't really seen it and when I had it had been overpriced due to lack of people trading it in....probably because people didn't buy the game. It's tagged at Night at the Museum 2 on my achievement list though....confuzzling but at least it isn't glitchy.

I finally got around to playing this tonight, mostly because I wanted something fairly mindless that wouldn't require me to actually have skill of any sort, no answers to trivia, no magical headshot to pull off, nothing. Just a very straight forward incredibly linear kids game. The achievements are very straight forward and the game even tells you how many are in each level along with collectibles etc, which is nice because one of the achievements is collecting all the collectibles (I tend to hate these, but this one doesn't seem too bad).

I only played 1 level tonight and will most likely string this game out over multiple sessions when I am feeling burnt out.

I acquired four achievements tonight:
Magnetic Personality for 20G
Mint Condition for 20G
Flashback for 20G
Hey! Dum-dum! for 10G

Overall this game stands at 70/1000

I'm only 10 percent of the way done thus far but I can't complain considering i only played for about 30 minutes.

Achievement Whores everywhere should have played or should plan on playing this game, its easy, straightforward and mindless, it's great for when you just don't feel like putting a ton of effort into gaming and want to chill out and relax.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gamefly, You Have Failed Me...

My gamefly queue has once again failed me...this week it sent me Singularity, Ninety Nine Nights, and You Don't Know Jack.  Now, I admit I totally wanted to play at least 2 of these games when I put them on the list but that was also close to 3 months ago....besides BulletStorm was on the top of my list....and now that I have them I really could not care less.

I have played quite a bit of You Don't Know Jack and in all honesty it is annoying as can be, Cookie Masterson's voice pisses me off. Don't know why at this point it just does. And the cinematics at the start of every question are starting to wear thin since they never change. Also, the ragtag humor is a stretch most of the time. So in short it was fun when I started but now I just hate this game with a fire. I will still finish it but I won't enjoy the rest of the achievements because of all the little things about this game that annoy me.

It was fun for about 10 rounds.  However, I can see that if you are playing with alot of friends or something how it could be enjoyable and fun. Alone not so much. On Xbox live people have a tendency of quitting out if they happen to be losing which is just freaking awesome if you are trying to get the online achievements....not.

I have a party set to play online this weekend, so hopefully things will be a breeze.

1st Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Its 9/13/2010 I have been laboring on Fight Night Round 3 for about a day and a half. I rented it from work because the ex-achievement whore I worked with said it would be an easy 1000 that I shouldn't pass up.

With illegal blows on every fight was just a button mashing good time, but it wore thin after oh say 8 hours. I wanted to snap this disc in half it was infuriating. I enjoyed the game from a normal gameplay point of view, i played a few rounds without illegal blows on, and found it to be a fun experience overall.

I hadn't completed a game since that short lived Avatar encounter and was hungry for another completed game to add to the list. I stayed up all night to finish it so I could return it to work the next day to check out a different game, I think being the idiot I was, I decided to punish myself by renting Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009....but that horrendous experience is a tale for another post.

This game turned my love of gamerscore into a tumultuous marriage that I wouldn't dream of filing on. It made me a true whore. Boxing made me a whore, never thought I would ever say that...oh well there is a first time for everything.

The First Completed Game Ever...

Soo, this is a look back at that first fateful 1000. The shameless and shameful all at the same time Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth. On a totally unrelated note I always have wondered what is with all the colons in that game name. Anyways, back to the real point of this post...

This game was what truly started my whoring experience if you will. It took me all of maybe 5 minutes to gain the full 1000 (including starting the console, inserting the disc, and starting the game) sad I know. But it was like crack. Gaming fueled achievement crack. I managed to gain points without doing a single thing other than hitting one button over and over and over again while standing against a fence. 1st level and I was already done.

I finished this game on July 4th, so instead of firing off explosives at my neighbors houses or tiny children, I was sitting on the comfort of my trusty bed saving a fictional world from possible fire disaster. In reality I was just making my local fire departments night a little easier.

It started an addiction, sad but true.

Round 1

I've always been a gamer. I started when I was 3 with my brother's Super NES, and I got hooked. Through the years I went through numerous consoles most of which just so happened to have SONY emblazoned upon them. I never did get into the Xbox craze until I started working at a well known gaming retailer...Now I admit I held out quite awhile and ignored the 360 with gusto and loved my PS3. But finally after much teasing from the majority of my employees and a vast number of my customers I broke down and bought a 360.

In short, I got hooked, hard. I fell in love with achievements, from the second I got one I needed more. I got addicted. I started in July of 2010 and I'm going to be pushing 30,000 soon. I figured I should chronicle my journey based on what I played, loved, hated, despised etc. I want to play it all, and I want to remember it too. So viola! Here I am. A gamer girl on a mission, to play it all and achieve it all. One game at a time, one achievement at a time.