Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's new game tuesday!

So got up this morning and remembered that it is indeed tuesday, which means it is time to hit the stores and pick up the new stuff for the week.

This week I picked up Rage and the new Spiderman Game, Edge of Time. I have just started Rage and so far it feels like a Red Faction game, but time will tell if it truly winds up being that way. It seems like a mix of fallout type backdrops(no shock thanks to bethesda) and your typical homefront/call of duty/red faction 1st person shooter. Being set in the future really isn't a new premise or concept among war games as of late, especially with homefront being as recent as it is, we shall see if they do it well enough to keep my attention for more than 5 or so minutes.

I'm actually kind of  excited for the spiderman game, I have been going back lately and playing them. I didn't care for shattered dimensions, but found myself getting sucked into web of shadows, I like that I could hop around the city and just find collectibles if i wanted to. I didn't have to do crap for anyone. I really enjoy being your lazy neighborhood spiderman who doesn't give a damn about helping you clean up your city because there are spider symbols to be found! The fact that I could choose what missions to do was pretty nice also, I have really been digging on open world games so it was awesome to just sit down and have fun with. I will be popping Edge of Time in later today and time will tell if it turns into a shattered dimensions game or web of shadows or maybe even a mix of both would be acceptable.

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