Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kinectimals and Doodle God for WP7...2 new completions

So lately I have mostly been mobile gaming on my breaks at work(that is when I actually get to take one). I have rediscovered quite a few games that were essentially rotting on my phone not being utilized at all. I started playing Fable: Coin Golf again and quite a few others.

I finally found time to finish up Kinectimals...which was mostly grinding. Grinding playing with a fluffy virtual pet and being at its mercy is less than amusing but only took me a couple of hours overall to finish it to the full 200/200.

I purchased Doodle God for .99 cents and finished it in less than 2 hours for the full 200/200. I won't lie I would love for a sequel to this game. Mixing elements and humans and all sorts of other stuff to make new stuff is hellishly fun and addicting. This is a must purchase as a time waster and of course easy gamerscore as well.

I will be back to normal posting within the week now that things have quieted down at work and that my 21st has past. I have a backlog that is burning to be finished and finish it I must!

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