Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monopoly Streets....A nice change of pace

I have been working extra long shifts and straight days in order to take a weekend off to enjoy my 21st birthday. Which has left me feeling burnt out and pretty much in a dismal mood. However, I actually found myself pretty excited when I opened the mailbox up and found my newest Gamefly rental sitting in a stack of junk-mail....

I have Black Ops sitting here still but the intel was pissing me off just because I happen to be an OCD crazy person so collecting it all has to happen on the 1st playthrough. I get all nutso when it comes to collectibles and often I find myself burnt out on a game fast, which happened here. I'm hoping a few days off will do it justice otherwise it is going back to Gamefly and will be re-rented another time.

But back to the point, Monopoly Streets, yes I like Monopoly and this game didn't make me think or collect anything and has been a great way to relax after a long day at work(there are plenty of those happening lately I can assure you). In just a 2 short offline game(stupid CPU) and 1 very hard to arrange and find someone on the server online game I wound up with 650/1000. I sent it back tonight simply because I didn't want to fight with the online right now and would like a crack at something else from my giant list. But this game got me sitting down controller in hand and made me feel better at the end of the workday, which means I give this game my gratitude. It might not be the best in the world but it was enough to boost my score up some and de-stress me enough to get back to hardcore games.

Also, I'm hella pissed off at EA as there will be another 11 online servers shut down some of which for games that aren't even 18months old. Which means I will be under a time crunch to try to wrap up achievement lists or in some cases(ahem...MMA...ahem) start the game in general. It isn't until April 13th so I have some time but it isn't near enough to make me feel comfortable...

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