Sunday, May 1, 2011

Out of the Groove

So lately I have been feeling a little disjointed gaming wise. No real direction or anything and I haven't been on my game. The only thing I have been playing consistently is Halo: Reach. And even then not all that much. 

I picked up Earthworm Jim for WP7 on deal of the week and the controls are annoying but it is a well done game. It isn't something I can put alot of time into in one go but it something that is fun for me to pick up for a level at a time. 

I finally officially bought Halo: Reach from Gamefly and am awaiting for the case and manual to arrive. I also bought the 1st Jack Pack for You Don't Know Jack and started playing it. I'm only 1 episode in, mostly because I hate Cookie Masterson. 

For some reason Gamefly is sending me my 30th choice on the list, Rock of the Dead. Me thinks that I will start putting maybe 5 things in my queue in order to get more recent games first. It is frustrating when they send me game number like 45 when there are so many others before it, there is a reason it is game number 45 and not game number is making me really despise Gamefly and making me want to downgrade my plan. It wasn't like this when I started my membership, it is like they stopped trying, thinking I'm hooked on them or something. 

I still have to start on Singularity, I have the guide that they gave out on the USB stick from Pre-order...more like 6 of them....but still can't find the want to play it. I know I should start it but I have been avoiding it like the black plague. 

I have been searching my card and seeing all of these partial games and it is a little daunting to think of all the time I need to put in to finish it up, I know I should I just don't have the patience for it. 

Anyway onto the real reason for the post and update...the achievements!

Achievements gained from Earthworm Jim:
Yes, I won! for 10G
Goodbye New Junk City! for 10G
Shooting Stars for 10G
Bin! Bin! Bin! for 5G
Black Disaster for 5G
Shoo shoo! for 5G
Reloaded for 5G

Total achievements from Earthworm Jim: 7
Total gamerscore for Earthworm Jim: 50G

Achievements gained from Halo: Reach:
Score Attack for 10G
A New Challenger for 10G
If They Came to Hear Me Beg for 25G
A Spoonful of Blamite for 10G
One Down, 51 to Go for 10G
Heat in the Pipe for 75G

Total achievements for Halo: Reach: 6
Total gamerscore for Halo: Reach: 140G

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
Lit Twit for 25G

Total achievements for You Don't Know Jack: 1
Total gamerscore for You Don't Know Jack: 25G

Total achievements gained: 14
Total gamerscore gained: 215G

Pretty sorry amount the past few days I have been working alot and this coming week I am working even more, couple that with sickness and all the stress and it equals alot of me sleeping or not being at home and very little gaming. Hopefully, I will be able to start to put some big numbers up again soon. At least I haven't come to a total standstill yet.

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