Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Achievement Haul....o.O

So I have been pretty busy with everything going on in my life the past couple days and have only been able to put a trivial amount of time into gaming. Sad as that may be.

I recently got into Dragon Age: Origins pretty hardcore. I bought the game awhile back and played it maybe 2 times for about an hour each session. But I got into a mood for an RPG and didn't want to play any of the other RPG's in my collection and found this sitting on the shelf behind everything else. I popped it in and really got into the gameplay this time around. I have sunk about 8 or so hours into over the past 2 nights. I am most likely going to finish this up along with all the DLC and buy Awakenings and then go ahead and venture into Dragon Age 2 a game I thought I would never buy...BioWare 1, my wallet -60...

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
Back Taxes for 40G
Perfect Attendance for 73G

Total Achievements for You Don't Know Jack: 2
Total Gamerscore for You Don't Know Jack: 113G

I finally played through all 73 episodes and got all the wrong answers of the game. I only have 2 achievements left in the main 1000 and the DLC. I'm gonna let this one sit for a couple days and decide whether or not I want to send it back to Gamefly or keep it for a little while longer and actually finish the game.

Achievements gained from Pocketbike Racer:
Standard Gold for 10G

Total Achievements for Pocketbike Racer: 1
Total Gamerscore for Pocketbike Racer: 10G

This game is fun but only for short periods of time and wears on me pretty fast. Since I only have tournaments in local play to finish I will take my time and just kind of play when the mood strikes me since I actually bought this game outright.

Achievements gained from Uno HD for WP7:
Two Card for 5G
Four Card for 5G
Reverse Card for 5G
Skip Card for 5G
The double UNO for 5G
Wild Card for 5G
Win 1 st Tournament for 10G
Win 3 rd Tournament for 10G
Cool Winner for 5G
Win 5 th Tournament for 10G
Win 7th Tournament for 10G
Win 10 th Tournament for 10G
Win 11 th Tournament for 10G
Win 12 th Tournament for 15G
Win 13 th Tournament for 15G
Win 14 th Tournament for 15G
Win 15 th Tournament for 30G
Win 1 st Easy for 5G
Win 1 st Normal for 10G

Total Achievement for UNO: 19
Total Gamerscore for UNO: 185G

So I picked this up on the Deal of the Week and only need to win the 1st round of a Hard quick play game, I just find myself UNO'd out for the time being maybe when I am bored at work on of these days I will finish this up.

Achievements gained from Scene It? BOS!:
Soft Focus for 20G

Total Achievements for Scene It? BOS!: 1
Total Gamerscore for Scene It? BOS!: 20G

I decided to play a little Scene It while I was bored one night and actually managed to get a string of Distorted Reality questions I knew the answer to...shocking

Achievements gained from Halo: Reach:
Lemme Upgrade Ya: for 10G

Total Achievements for Halo: Reach: 1
Total Gamerscore for Halo: Reach: 10G

I rented this from Gamefly finally to start to finish this up. I actually hated Halo but have been finding myself getting into the story and the gameplay finally. I'm gonna buy this from Gamefly for like maybe 15 dollars compared to Gamestop who is charging nearly 50...I would say this is a steal, especially considering the Gamefly copy they sent me has barely any scratches on it at all and I will get the original game case and manual.

Achievements gained from Dragon Age: Origins:
Pilgrim for 10G
Easy Lover for 10G
Educated for 15G

Total Achievements for Dragon Age: Origins: 3
Total Gamerscore for Dragon Age: Origins: 35G

Total number of Achievements: 27
Total Gamerscore: 373G

It is a decent amount considering the majority of my time has been spent on a time consuming RPG which will require me to play multiple playthroughs.  

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