Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Regular posting here I come!

Now that I have settled into a groove at work and things are calming down, I will be back to my normal posting schedule of every day to every couple days.

I have income again so I will be able to start pre-ordering games again and purchasing them on a more frequent basis. I am also upping my gamefly membership to more games out at a time. I am considering reinstating my Blockbuster combo pass again for unlimited rentals and of course will continue to redbox to my hearts content.

The plan is to keep racking up the score and achievements. I'm fast approaching my 2nd year of Xbox and want to hit 100k either before or shortly after.

It is gonna be a race to the finish but I plan on taking it head on and making it happen.

Also, the blog might be moving to its own domain here shortly, I am currently shopping around different urls and am trying to find one that suits me best.

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