Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Into Saturday Morn o.O

So I got off work last night and came home to play some games. I fired up the xbox and found a friend on playing a game I have been trying to get the achievements on for quite sometime. Luckily he was up for some gaming.

We started online finishing up some games for him and then finishing quite a bit for me. I switched to another profile to help him get a particularly annoying achievement since I didn't want to kill off all my progress towards a couple achievements. Luckily I have my best friend and partner in crime's gamertag on my xbox and she was willing to let me use it for a round of play.

So not alot of achievements from around 4 or so hours of play but it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
Beat a Winner for 40G
Always a Bridesmaid for 10G
Lose to a Loser for 15G

Achievements gained from CarneyVale: Showtime on WP7:
Over the Top for 10G
Up the Tempo for 10G

Total Gamerscore over Friday into Saturday Morning:
A pretty sorry haul but I didn't have much time for playing.

I picked up a few games today after getting off work, mostly old useless junk:
Big Bumpin'
Pocketbike Racer
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

These will join my endless list of games to be played, the list is countless and a little daunting....o.O

I'm sitting on 3 days in a row off this coming week so hopefully I will be able to put up some serious points and finish alot of loose ends I have hanging around on my card.

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