Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Much For Getting Stuff Accomplished

Well I have 1 more day off this week and so far it has been a pretty big fail. I have had a lot of time taken up by 1 game in particular, You Don't Know Jack. I'm nearing the end maybe 10 or so episodes left in the main game. But there is DLC and I'm not sure if I am strong enough to tackle that. I might just wind up sending it back to Gamefly and just re-renting it later after some well deserved time off.

I started back up on Night at the Museum 2 and had to go back and mop up an achievement from a previous level because of a flying level that I didn't quite have the hang of the 1st time through. I wasn't really paying attention when I first went through and missed 2 wrenches.

I was trying to complete Big Bumpin' but every-time I have a party lined up people don't show up or people decide that they don't want to play anymore. No messages or anything. At least have the courtesy to message to change days or whatnot. Grrrrr. Whatever, I may just start searching for some other partners for this game.

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
Menage-a-Quatre for 20G
Discover the Gauntlet of Fire for 10G
Film in Your Brain for 40G
The Game's Half Full for 5G
The Game's Half Empty for 5G

Total for You Don't Know Jack: 5 Achievements/80G

Achievements gained from Pocketbike Racer:
Battle Royal Gold for 10G
Cone Trial Gold for 10G

Total for Pocketbike Racer: 2 achievements/20G

Achievements gained from Night at the Museum 2:
Wrench Wrangler for 20G
Art Appreciation for 30G
Mudface for 20G
Picasso for 20G
For Art's Sake for 20G
Fine Art for 30G

Total for Night at the Museum 2: 6 achievements/140G

Total Achievements: 13
Total Gamerscore: 240G

I purchased Sonic & Knuckles for 120 microsoft points since they have a SEGA super sale going on currently. I might pick up a couple other titles before the sale is over 200 points for Sonic games is a good deal and takes me back to playing on the Genesis. A few other SEGA titles are tempting me like Shinobi for 200 points and OutRun. I'm not sure yet though. I have quite a few other arcade games to finish and start before I start playing new stuff so I think I should wait but they are so darn cheap that I really think I should buy them.

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