Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday Haul....

I had a little more time today for gaining some achievements. Not much more but it was better than the average 30 or so minutes I usually wind up with between work and family. 

Went out to lunch with my mom, and saw my partner in crime, those things take up alot of time that I could spend gaming but they are worth it so I'm not complaining. 

All in all it wasn't the worst day I have had. Lately, I have kind of been in a slump, I have been very antsy and not really able to focus on games for a long period of time. No one game has been holding my interest for longer than maybe 20 to 30 minutes tops. It is a miracle when I actually play a single game title for around 45 minutes. 

I got lucky and someone responded to my post on the forums about PocketBike Racer so I was able to get the online done.

Achievements gained in Night at the Museum:
Gone Postal for 20G
Castle Me for 20G
Fourth of July for 20G
Coin a Phrase for 20G
A New Threat for 20G
In Orbit for 10G
Inflation for 20G
With a Monkey Chaser for 10G
Monkeyshines for 30G
Lady Lindy for 10G
Rotor Router for 20G
Toolbox Hero for 20G

Total for Night at the Museum: 210G

Achievements gained in PocketBike Racer:
Big Stoppie for 20G
Big Wheelie for 15G
Multiplayer King for 20G
Mascot Jr. for 30G
Pro-Gamer for 25G

Total for PocketBike Racer: 110G

Achievements gained from You Don't Know Jack:
The Regis for 50G
Living in the Past for 40G
Beast Master for 40G
Phatty for 40G

Total for You Don't Know Jack: 170G

Total Gamerscore for the Day: 490G
Total Achievements for the Day: 21

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