Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gamefly, You Have Failed Me...

My gamefly queue has once again failed me...this week it sent me Singularity, Ninety Nine Nights, and You Don't Know Jack.  Now, I admit I totally wanted to play at least 2 of these games when I put them on the list but that was also close to 3 months ago....besides BulletStorm was on the top of my list....and now that I have them I really could not care less.

I have played quite a bit of You Don't Know Jack and in all honesty it is annoying as can be, Cookie Masterson's voice pisses me off. Don't know why at this point it just does. And the cinematics at the start of every question are starting to wear thin since they never change. Also, the ragtag humor is a stretch most of the time. So in short it was fun when I started but now I just hate this game with a fire. I will still finish it but I won't enjoy the rest of the achievements because of all the little things about this game that annoy me.

It was fun for about 10 rounds.  However, I can see that if you are playing with alot of friends or something how it could be enjoyable and fun. Alone not so much. On Xbox live people have a tendency of quitting out if they happen to be losing which is just freaking awesome if you are trying to get the online achievements....not.

I have a party set to play online this weekend, so hopefully things will be a breeze.

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