Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leapfrog is here! Also, the random gaming update!

It is officially February 1st, therefore as mentioned in my previous post I will start a month long daily leapfrog. It includes daily posting also which will indeed help the blog in the long run too. This is not only to add some variety but also serve as a way to steer me towards some completions. If this goes well I will try to incorporate it into my routine every couple months. I'm starting out with the shortest month of the year as the test. It sucks that it also happens to have Valentine's Day but that just means I need to game early that morning or well be screwed...

So the rules are as follows:

The number of achievements I need are based on the date. On the 1st, 1 achievement is needed to pass, the 2nd, 2 so on and so forth. This will allow me to build up throughout the course of the month and of course challenge me to not go overboard one day and be scrambling the next.

I have to do a post everyday. That happens to be the whole point of the blog after all.

If I do not achieve the amount of achievements needed for the day I fail. I know hardcore punishment. This is more in prep for a more challenging leapfrog whether it be competing against friends or just the number of accomplishments from a previous day. Baby steps people, baby steps.

In other news....I have managed to come across a MW3 wireless headset so I am back to being able to go online and actually communicate with teammates. Hooray! Speaking of online I did a massive Halo: Reach session and finally completed all but 5 of the online achievements. I am searching for more people to team up with to make a full party for the playlists left so I can officially bury this one down on my list. It figures that I have the ridiculous achievements that are locked to defiant maps only and the 2 odd numbered achievements from the Noble map-pack left to complete. It never can be sweet and easy!

I sold a collection of games that were completed on my list but sitting around my house like dead roaches. I always walked by these games saying tomorrow I will go trade this in or I will for sure do it on saturday! And sure enough they would still sit there and I would indeed not move them or if I did they would get integrated back into the 400+ games I happen to own for the system. I have been cleaning up everything around here, bombing the whole place over the past couple of days. The weather has been close to 70 on some days so I have been motivated to clean and reorganize. I also figure this will help in my job search. I seem to better with things when I feel like my home life is in better order.

I have indeed hit the whole whopping 1 achievement needed to progress today and even outdid myself with a few more. I am working on that post and it will be posted either late tonight or early morning tomorrow.

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