Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leapfrog Day 7....I've come to despise THQ....

I'm really starting to get into a groove. I'm actually working on games consistently and going back to things I thought I wouldn't touch for awhile or ever again. Case in point, Fallout New Vegas reappeared on my card today. As did some other random things I didn't think I would bother with. It is kind of nice to be working on this crazy backlog and actually seeing results.

I started my my day with GRAW, it ins't really my type of game but I have a rule that I have to at least try something for a least 30 minutes more than 1 time before I discount it to the pile of games I despise or refuse to play. This is on it's second play and I don't despise it I just don't care for it much. I won't refuse to play it but I will not be going out of my way to pop it in either. When the dust had settled I got 2 for 50G.

UFC....what can I say that I already haven' about the hilarious Pokemon reference in the Gotta Catch 'Em All achievement for collecting virtual cards of fighters...I must say I enjoyed Pokemon more. But congratulations THQ you paid homage to a company who doesn't have 70 cent shares and isn't laying off 170 people because they have a business formula that actually works. Wait, companies don't dump millions of dollars into licensing for a niche market game normally huh? Baffling indeed. Somehow, this game has made me realize just how much I find THQ to be retarded. I thank them for Saints Row The Third but most of the rest of the lineup I find to be unfinished, unpolished crap. I can't even get online for UFC and the servers still exist, I guess when you have no employees to work on the server because you laid them all off things go downhill, now if only this problem wasn't occurring before they were nearly kicked off the stock market and they announced layoffs....Get it together or shut down already....2 for 55G...moving along.

Fallout: New Vegas, now I enjoy this game. I stood in line for the midnight release in the slightly chilly air got my collectors edition and then didn't put it down for about 2 months. Then I found myself burnt out and very much so over V.A.T.S. and the wastes. But for some reason after more than a year of me not touching this game at all I found myself wanting to play it and play I did. I actually smiled the whole time I had this in today. And remembered I had 4 save files running for different faction playthroughs. I loaded up my Wild Card playthrough and went to town. I unlocked 3 for 65G.

Left 4 Dead 2, it makes me remember that sometimes a shotgun is all you need. 1 for 15G.

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, I realllllly like shooting poor defenseless animals what can I say? Thumper needed that .44 mag to the ass, that Elk deserved to be shot in the heart with my recurve's all in good virtual sport! Besides, I'm far too lazy to actually go out and do this in person so doing on a video game is the next best thing. I haven't renewed my fishing or hunting licenses in years this is all I have left people! 8 for 215.

In completely unrelated but could be in some ways news I have canceled my Blockbuster combo pass membership. They hadn't received any new games since Skyrim nor did they have any old stuff that I hadn't played or didn't already own. I actually had more titles sitting at home than they did in store. Scary to a degree.

Day 7 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 7
Achievements Earned Today:16
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 1532G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 400G

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