Friday, February 3, 2012

Leapfrog Day Deux!

Day 2 of the leapfrog has come and gone. 2 achievements were needed to pass and I am fairly certain that within about 10 minutes this morning I had today in the bag.

I loaded up Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution and played a quick game on King difficulty. This game is one of my favorites on the Xbox and one that I admit I have slacked on seriously. I rarely play it, which is odd for a game I happen to be in love with. I played an accelerated scenario as the Arabs(I had no interest in a 3+ hour game today hence the scenario) where everything in the game is paced quicker which in turn can make it even harder. I wound up winning a Technology victory(take that Ghandi!) netting me A Knight Without Fear or Blame for 15G(Win as an Arab Civilization) and 640K Ought to be Enough for 30G(Win a technology victory on king or higher). I also never switched from despotism(absolute power is kind of my thing) which earned me Absolute Power is Kind of Neat for 25G. Being the amazing strategist I am I also only had one city which got me Power Never Takes a Back Step for 25G.

I decided to torture myself with more strategy only this time in the form of the Halo universe. I started up Halo Wars again. And I still dislike it as much as when I played it the first time. But I found a groove and kept pushing through. I completed Act II and Act III as well as improved my score on a campaign mission earning me Key to Pirth for 50G, Ugly is only Skin Deep for 70G and Crushed Colors for 10G respectively. Crushed Colors says it unlocked on 2/1 on which makes no sense at all but it is correct on the Xbox...weird. I hope this isn't another sign of issues on the rise with

Day 2 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 2
Achievements Earned Today:7
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 285G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 225G

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