Saturday, February 4, 2012

Leapfrog part 3...I haven't failed yet!

Well it appears as though anything unlocked between 12am and around 5am on my xbox seems to get tagged as the previous day on but appears with the correct date stamp on my profile via the dashboard. This is getting more than a little annoying. I now have to use my xbox to help me write the posts until this gets sorted out. I suppose it could be worse, things could be glitching and freaking out on both ends.

I started the day off with Battlefield: Bad Company...another war game I will most likely never finish because I don't particularly care for them. I didn't do too poorly for the short time I spent with it. I popped 3 Achievements for 50G, which also means that day 3 is officially completed and a success.

I started Bioshock 2 and popped 1 for 10G. This is a game that I threw in on a whim and quickly decided I actually wanted to play something else. I hate when that happens. It seems as though game hopping is becoming a normal thing around here and I am not taking too kindly to it, I need to break this habit now!

The last thing I decided to play was Stacking. I am quite addicted to these adorable little russian dolls. This is actually the first arcade game that I think should have more than 1 dlc pack. It is entertaining without being too repetitive or infuriating. I love just playing this a level at a time and being able to set my own pace. This game seems to be popping up more and more on the quickplay list and most likely will stay on it until it is completed. I popped 4 for 50G.

Day 3 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 3
Achievements Earned Today:8
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 395G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 110G

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