Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Numero Uno...Let The Leapfrog Begin!

Alright, so day numero uno of leapfrog has officially been closed out for about an hour or so now, and today was a success, not a huge one but one despite it all. I almost forgot all about my plan, with all the random shit going on and all the stress I almost woke up today and didn't play Xbox at all.

I was with the K-Chan this morning and I didn't connect to the interwebs like normal because:
A. I am lazy
B. Her phone was nowhere to be found so I couldn't get the internet password
C. I didn't just shove my hard drive into her already hooked up Xbox, I instead just switched hers for mine cord wise
D. All of the above

Those who said D would be correct in this situation. But I did play some Left 4 Dead 2 much to her dislike(she haaaaaates Zombies with a passion). But I managed to do a speed run of the sugar mill on hard rain and avoid all the damn witches to net myself SOB STORY for 30G. Haha, achievement 1 done, now that wasn't too hard(and I can actually be done for the day).

Next Up was Stacking. Now I commend Double Fine for this game. I enjoy just sitting down and running around doing Hi-Jinks and solving all the solutions to the problems. I finished the zeppelin in story mode to net myself Airship Adventurer for 10G. Achievement number 2. I'm feeling accomplished already!

I get home and put all my stuff back together. I hook up the Xbox to the big screen again, put up the games on the shelves and start some laundry(clean clothes make me smile!). I decide to play some more end of the world zombie apocalypse only this time its Left 4 Dead. I play some online Versus and manage to finally find a team retarded enough to pretty much play as their own people. I get spawned as a hunter...I am amused, the fun has begun. I will pounce and rape all I want. I pounced 2 different survivors in one life(thank you idiot children, I indeed did hear you screaming about me killing you, you are welcome) and Double Jump for 20G graced my screen with its wonderful popping sound.

That about wraps up my first leapfrog day. It is indeed day 2 already and I need to get cracking. Maybe I can wrap day 2 up before bed, who am I kidding 2 will never be enough...

Day 1 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed for Pass: 1
Achievements Earned Today: 3
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 60G
Gamerscore Earned Today:60G

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