Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 4 and still going strong...

Day 4 has come to a close and I must say I am starting to get into a groove. I am starting to want to blog at the end of the night. It used to feel more like a chore, something I had to do but didn't want to, now it feels like something fun and exciting. Maybe this leapfrog is reinvigorating me more than I ever thought that it could.

Today I did nothing but play Final Fantasy XIII-2. I despised XIII with a fire, I hated its linear on the rails style of play, I hated how long the damn tutorials were, I just hated the whole experience. Square Enix must have listened because this game is nothing like that. I actually want to play, and I actually am enjoying grinding away because infusing monsters and catching them makes me feel like I'm playing a grander scale(prettier too) pokemon game to a degree. Only I rarely get the monster I want and its a rare appearance anyhow so I am back to running around for the next hour waiting for the next one. The story can be a little taxing, particularly because of its cutscene reliance, but you can skip them and get right down to the action. I got 7 Achievements for 118G just in my time spent with it today.

In other news this game has inadvertently fixed my gamerscore. The odd numbered achievements evened me back to a 0 or 5 for the first time in quite awhile. I know it won't last long because it has quite a few more odd numbered achievements hiding for me to discover but it is nice to see while it lasts. I could logically hit 60k right on the nose if I am careful with what I play. I'm sitting at 59,800 so it isn't a long way off...

Day 4 Leapfrog Wrap-up:
Achievements Needed For Pass: 4
Achievements Earned Today:7
Challenge Status: Pass

Gamerscore Earned in Leapfrog Total: 513G
Gamerscore Earned Today: 118G

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